December 10, 2010

New air~ aarrr... feel good (^,^)...

bile la budak2 ni nak bangun... FAIZ,ICA,SYAMIR!!!! WAKE UP! hahahaha... it's normal, sleep late at night... ok... how about u guys??? are all of u have a good morning day?? (dah msuk tgh hari dah pun)...hehehe.. start breakfast with nasi lemak SOTONG & teh o suam..emm memg masyukkk!!! actually want to start wit my assignment today but too lazy to start it.. feel good after finish my practical for 6 months at AUDIT FIRM..gain a lot of experiences and face a lot of drama and situation make u think what u suppose to do in this world? So, next sem is my last semester to be a student, to feel as a student and to eat as a student......aaahhhh... how about my future after that??? think about that make me feel old, get a job, then married with someone, get a child, go to holiday together hahaha... but it's still make me happy ('',)~ (oh noo bebudak ni stil xnak bgun tido~tetibe)

i don't know why, i feel fresh to be at home, gather with my nephew and niece, (yg xbgun2 dr td), my lovely AYAH and MAK, my sis and my bro!!! Waahh... i love to be like this.. yaa, it's true even u got into a fight with ur sibling, it just to make ur relationship become stronger.. I LOVE IT... believe me.. CINTAI MEREKA YG MENCINTAIMU, ITU LEBIH MENJAMIN KEBAHAGIAANMU...muaaahhxx!

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